Ultimate Combat Flight


The only simulation is the fact that we can’t carry live ammunition, so you’ll have to use your imagination for when you get a ‘kill’!

You will be part of the crew as you keep your eyes peeled for the bogey on your 6 o’clock. Experience high G force combat manoeuvring as you shake off the aggressor and try to get on his tail, weaving through the clouds high above Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne.

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Combat Flights operate from Moorabbin and Barwon Heads Airports in Melbourne. Both locations offer spectacular beach views. Combat Flight events are held approximately once per month.

Two Fighter Planes, two people per fight – experience dogfighting like the aces of yesteryear in real head to head aerial combat. No simulation REAL COMBAT.

Sounds risky?! We have a 100% perfect safety record, our pilots are highly trained and experienced in this specific flight discipline. No one has even broken a finger nail.

Combat Flights take you and a friend or foe 5,000ft above Melbourne in real ex-military fighter aircraft. Loop, zoom and attack your foe in identical aircraft until smoke plumes out and you have a kill!

The ultimate aerial adventure, Combat Flights are more adrenalin pumping than any jet plane ride, this is combat, what all military pilots are trained for and truly relish. Two on two, real fast, for real.

What’s Included?

  • High adrenalin, high G aerial dogfighting!
  • Rare opportunity to experience real combat flight
  • Two aircraft, two combatants, two pilots, the whole sky

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