Aircraft Charter Melbourne

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Adventure Flight Co has chartered aircraft based in Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool, servicing from Victoria to anywhere on the continent.

Chartering a private aircraft has many benefits for both business and leisure. Not only can you reach destinations not serviced by regular airline service, the convenience of having your own aircraft allows you to do more with your time.

In these times of social distancing, hiring your own aircraft avoids contact through crowded airports and the airliner itself. Fly in your own aircraft with people known to you for peace of mind and help keep the communities you are travelling to safe.

If you have taken time off work to holiday with friends or family, fixed airline schedules often mean you loose a day either end of your holiday in transit. With a chartered aircraft the journey is part of the holiday – stop at multiple destinations at your leisure, or go straight there in one hop early in the morning, and return home when it suits you – extend the holiday, even change the destination, it’s all easy to do!

Check out our Weekend Getaways page for an idea of the type of options available.

For businesses, the advantages have a big multiplying effect. Not only are you not loosing time in early check-ins, queues, fixed schedules and multi-leg journeys chartering an aircraft allows you to visit multiple destinations in one day, as well as being able to get you to nearly every small town in Australia.

For businesses based in southwest Victoria (Warrnambool, Portland, Hamilton etc) check out our sister company for more details South Coast Air Services Pty Ltd.

Avoid crowded airports.  Call our Chief Pilot Anatole Mills on 0415 919 646 for a quote.

The Cirrus: Up to 3 passengers

For groups of 1 to 3 people, our sexy new Cirrus SR20 is an affordable option for smaller groups or individuals needing to get somewhere quick with the minimum of fuss.

The Cirrus has a spacious interior with generous legroom all around, similar to that of a typical 4WD. It represents the latest in General Aviation technology with all composite airframe and a whole aircraft parachute – for those unsure about flying in single engine aircraft.


The Chieftain: Up to 9 passengers

For larger groups or those that need the speed and flexibility, the twin engine Piper Chieftain is ready to take you on a super comfortable trip whether for business or pleasure, poor weather or sunshine.

It is equipped with weather radar, air conditioning and enough luggage capacity to take surf boards, golf clubs, skis and other bulky equipment along with you.


A Typical Month...

Why choose chartered aircraft if the airlines go there?

Scenario: Your company needs to fly three employees and six visiting clients to Mildura, Victoria, for the day for a site visit. All things going well, you expect you’ll need about four hours on the ground in Mildura all though this may change depending on the visitors demands. The Company values employees at $100/hr each.


Option 1: Airlines

Earliest flight is with Rex at 8:15am arrive Mildura 9:35am. Using the flexible business fare to even come close to the flexibility of charter (basically it only allows you to change the day, not the time – unlike charter) the fare for 3 people comes to $7,908, plus airport parking. You must leave Geelong at around 6:00am (setting your alarm for around 5am), and hope that the traffic on Western Ring Road isn’t too bad because that Rex plane isn’t going to wait for you! Also factor in time for the carpark and bus rigmarole.

Coming back it’d be prudent to book a early evening flight, just in case the meeting and visit goes longer than scheduled. The Rex flight departs Mildura at 6:30pm, back in Melbourne by 7:50pm and you’d likely be home in Geelong by around 9:30pm after driving for as long as it took to fly from Mildura! All in all a 15+ hour day – cost to the company $4,500, and you are all probably pretty wrecked and get little done the next day because you are exhausted! Factor in a lost 2 hours each for this and the total is $12,408.


Option 2: Chartered Aircraft

Firstly, you can sleep in to 6am – bliss! Getting to Barwon Heads Airport by 7:30am, you depart 15 minutes later after a quick pre-flight briefing. That’s it! No car parking, busses, check-in, security, 30 minute boarding time etc. Arriving in Mildura at 9:30am you snare a rental car before the Rex passengers have even got off the plane.

The meeting and site visit goes according to plan, and you and the team are all done by 2:00pm arriving back at Barwon Heads Airport at 4:30pm, home less than 20 minutes later.

Cost is $4,500 for the charter, $2,700 in company time for a total of $7,200.

Plus you all got to see your friends or family or just relax on the verandah after a days work and watch the sun set, which is.. priceless.

Call our Chief Pilot Anatole Mills on 0415 919 646 for a quote.