Fly In Your Own Private Aircraft From Melbourne & Geelong

Take a break from the city and choose from our range of unique weekend getaways for couples.

When we say unique, we mean it – these packages include your own private chartered aircraft to take you to some of Australia’s best secluded spots.

Bellarine Peninsula Scenic Flights


20 minute flight $197 per person for 3 passengers
30 minute flight $240 per person for 3 passengers

20 minute flight $110 per person for 9 passengers
30 minute flight $140 per person for 9 passengers

Adventure Flight Co brings you the best way to see the Bellarine Peninsula and surrounds.

On the day, choose between our East and West options. Choose between circumnavigating Bellarine Peninsula taking in Port Phillip Heads, Geelong, Corio Bay and more. Head west for the beginnings of the Great Ocean Road, past Torquay, Bells Beach, Anglesea and more.

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Bellarine Peninsula Scenic Flights Options:

Choose between east and west and enjoy the privilege of soaring over some of Australia’s most spectacular coastline.

East: take off from Barwon Heads Airport and head east to circumnavigate the Bellarine Peninsula (20 minutes) or further over Port Phillip Heads to Portsea and Sorrento (30 minutes). Highlights include:

  • The convergence of Lake Connewarre and Barwon River forming the world’s southern most mangroves
  • Ocean Grove & Collendina Beach
  • Point Lonsdale Lighthouse and Port Phillip Heads
  • The Rip and the World Wars’ coastal cannon emplacements on Point Nepean
  • Portsea and Sorrento, including the rugged Sorrento back beach
  • Queenscliff and harbour
  • Follow the historic Queenscliff – Drysdale railway back to Barwon Heads Airport



West: take off from Barwon Heads Airport and head west, originally the start of the Great Ocean Road as far as Anglesea (20 minutes) or Airey’s Inlet (30 minutes). Hightlights include:

  • Tiny hamlet of Bremlea nestled in the coastal dunes
  • Torquay, Jan Juc and Point Danger
  • Bells Beach & Winkipop
  • Rugged clifftops over past Point Addis
  • Anglesea and abandoned coalmine
  • Fairhaven Beach and Pole House
  • Great Ocean Road as far as Lorne


Mt Hotham Fly In Fly Out Backcountry Tours


Price is per person, including return flight from Essendon or Barwon Heads, road transfers on mountain and full day guided backcountry tour.

Access Australia’s finest backcountry, and be back in time for dinner in Melbourne!

‘Hotham has long been regarded as the gateway to some amazing backcountry touring.  No matter what your ability or experience, there’s terrain for everyone’s fancy.  From rugged ridges, steep chutes or wide-open powder bowls, the backcountry surrounding the resort is vast and visually striking.’ – Drew Jolowicz

Choose from either Intro to Backcountry or Private Guided Tours depending on your groups skill level, or both if you’d prefer a multi-day experience.

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Fly in fly out from Melbourne for an amazing day trip.


  • Depart Essendon/Barwon Airport 7:00am
  • Land at Mt Hotham Airport 8:00am
  • Shuttle bus to Mt Hotham Resort
  • Meet your highly trained backcountry guides from Hotham Snowsports
  • Depending on experience level of your group, either some pre-trip training or straight into exploring the winter wilderness
  • Return from tour around 3:30pm
  • Either go immediately to airport or stick around for some aprés tour refreshments
  • Arrive back at Essendon Airport 5-6pm



Flying in the winter presents a higher than average likelihood that flights may be postponed or cancelled due to adverse weather. We are only going riding, it’s not mission critical flying so essentially we only go when the weather is fair. This works well with the backcountry as if the weather is no good for flying, it is unlikely to be the best for touring.

If the tour is postponed due weather we will all work together with Hotham Snowsports to re-book the next best date that suits all.

Your Pilot

This package has been put together by our Chief Pilot Anatole Mills who is an avid skier. After doing two seasons driving the airport shuttle in Chamonix and skiing at all other moments possible, it is time to combine the two things he loves most: flying and riding off-piste. Depending on group size he has also volunteered his hard-earned to make up numbers if required – such is his froth for the mountains!

Multi-day trips

Call Anatole on 0415 919 646 to organise multi-day trip. An excellent option for those new to backcountry as you can do the intro tour on the first day and explore even further afield on the second. Why not enjoy Hotham Resort for a few days and impress everyone with your newfound slash styles.

Three Hummock Island


Prices show are per person. Minimum numbers apply.

Our premier adventurous weekend destination. Stay on a remote island of crystal blue waters, white sands and a rich variety of native animals and birds. Enjoy walks, fishing, snorkelling and kayaking around this island – completely to yourself!

Stay in excellent off-the-grid accomodation in the original Homestead. With sweeping views of the ocean and just a short stroll from the beach, the Homestead is embodiment of a remote island retreat.

To check availability or book this private island contact Three Hummock Island directly on +61 417686303 or

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Breathtaking Three Hummock Island sits just off the coast of North West Tasmania. It is a magical place of granite coastlines, protected coves, sweeping beaches and surprising diversity.

Three Hummock Island has one of the purest environments on the planet – crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, inland lakes and forests remain largely untouched.

Twenty kilometres away, a Baseline Air Pollution Station consistently measures the air as the cleanest in the world.

Many paths on the island take you to locations of exceeding beauty. By climbing some 237 metres up South Hummock – the highest point – you can take in a view of the island, nearby Hunter Island and mainland Tasmania.

Birdlife abounds on the island, with over 90 species recorded.  Wild ducks, black swans and eagles frequent the small lakes behind the sand dunes lining the beaches. A wide variety of sea birds are seen around the coast, including international visitors that come to the Island to breed. Short-tailed Shearwaters are a spectacular sight as they return in thousands to their rookeries at dusk, and penguins can be observed making their nightly trip up the beach to their nests during the summer months.

We love to welcome guests to our secluded paradise.  Escape to Three Hummock Island for a memorable getaway.

Our Chief Pilot grew up flying to Tasmania’s remote islands in Bass Strait and has thousands of hours staring down at the ocean! Adventure Flight Co is proud to be a transport provider for Three Hummock Island. We have a range of aircraft to suit your group needs, from 3 seater up to our 8 seat twin engine private charter aircraft.


12 Apostles & Great Ocean Road


$250 per person for 9 passengers
$480 per person for 3 passengers

Adventure Flight Co brings you the best way to see the 12 Apostles, from the air! Depart from Barwon Heads Airport and fly past Torquay, Bells Beach and along the winding Great Ocean Road.

The Great Ocean road is even better from the air, especially when stuck behind tour busses and caravans. A return trip from Melbourne to the 12 Apostles takes over 7 hours of twisting roads with the view often obscured by trees and other cars. See more in less time with a 12 Apostles scenic flight.

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What’s Included?

We fly past the 12 Apostles twice so everyone has a window sit for the experience! Depending on the time of year you may also see whales, seals and dolphins. Adventure Flight Co’s pilots are all very experienced locals who have been flying in the are for over 10 years.

We operate two different sized aircraft – two up to 3 passengers, the other up to 9 passengers, on scenic flights from Melbourne area down the Great Ocean Road to the 12 Apostles.
We pick up from Essendon Airport very close to the centre of Melbourne:
  • $2100 for up to three passengers, 1 hr 45 minutes flight time
  • $3300 up to 9 passengers, 90 minutes flight time
Flights departing from Barwon Heads is the lowest cost option. Barwon Heads Airport is a 90 minute drive from Melbourne city.
  • $1200 for up to 3 passengers, 65 minutes flight time
  • $2100 up to 9 passengers, 65 minutes flight time
  • If departing from Essendon (Melbourne) Airport, fly right next to the skyscrapers of Melbourne’s city centre and Southbank
  • Port Phillip Bay
  • Torquay, Bells Beach
  • Airey’s Inlet Lighthouse
  • Spectacular Lorne – Kennet River section of the Great Ocean Road
  • See kangaroos grazing on Cape Patton
  • Overfly fishing village of Apollo Bay
  • Cape Otway Lighthouse
  • Rugged and deserted beaches between Aire River and Moonlight Head
  • 12 Apostles & Loch Ard Gorge

Optional flight extension to fly all the way to the Bay of Islands also include:

  • London Bridge
  • The Arch
  • The Grotto
Why fly?:
  • Fast travel time, depart Melbourne and be back before lunch
  • Save over 7 hours of driving and the subsequent exhaustion, sore back, bad food and traffic jams
  • No fixed departure times – you choose
  • Get back feeling refreshed
  • Comfortable aircraft with business class legroom for everyone
  • Big windows, everyone gets a view
  • Optional day minibus tours, landing at Great Ocean Road Airport near the 12 Apostles
Aircraft Options:
  • PA28, the solid Piper Warrior, for those who don’t mind taking a little more time to soak in the scenery. Cruise speed 200km/hr will have you back from 12 Apostles trip only 90 minutes after departure
  • SR22 the new Cirrus, fast, super comfortable, latest technology aircraft including carbon fibre construction, all-aircraft parachute (really!), Garmin G1000 avionics and more. Cruise speed 310km/hr the 12 Apostles are only 30 minutes away
  • PA31 big twin engine corporate charter Piper Chieftain. Can fly in (nearly) all weather, not limited to daylight hours like the single engine (PA28/SR22) aircraft. Cruise speed 310km/hr, even with the whole family plus cousins!