Three Hummock Island


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Our premier adventurous weekend destination. Stay on a remote island of crystal blue waters, white sands and a rich variety of native animals and birds. Enjoy walks, fishing, snorkelling and kayaking around this island – completely to yourself!

Stay in excellent off-the-grid accomodation in the original Homestead. With sweeping views of the ocean and just a short stroll from the beach, the Homestead is embodiment of a remote island retreat.

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Breathtaking Three Hummock Island sits just off the coast of North West Tasmania. It is a magical place of granite coastlines, protected coves, sweeping beaches and surprising diversity.

Three Hummock Island has one of the purest environments on the planet – crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, inland lakes and forests remain largely untouched.

Twenty kilometres away, a Baseline Air Pollution Station consistently measures the air as the cleanest in the world.

Many paths on the island take you to locations of exceeding beauty. By climbing some 237 metres up South Hummock – the highest point – you can take in a view of the island, nearby Hunter Island and mainland Tasmania.

Birdlife abounds on the island, with over 90 species recorded.  Wild ducks, black swans and eagles frequent the small lakes behind the sand dunes lining the beaches. A wide variety of sea birds are seen around the coast, including international visitors that come to the Island to breed. Short-tailed Shearwaters are a spectacular sight as they return in thousands to their rookeries at dusk, and penguins can be observed making their nightly trip up the beach to their nests during the summer months.

We love to welcome guests to our secluded paradise.  Escape to Three Hummock Island for a memorable getaway.

Our Chief Pilot grew up flying to Tasmania’s remote islands in Bass Strait and has thousands of hours staring down at the ocean! Adventure Flight Co is proud to be a transport provider for Three Hummock Island. We have a range of aircraft to suit your group needs, from 3 seater up to our 8 seat twin engine private charter aircraft.

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