Combat Flights Barwon Heads. Two Aircraft. 10x The Fun.

Adventure Flight Co now offers it’s Combat Flight Barwon Heads. Here is a recent weekend where we did 10 Combat Sorties, 20 happy combatants! This is the reason that, in the authors humble opinion, the Formation Rating has to be the single most valuable addition to a license a pilot can pursue. Truly puts the fun in flying. And like most things, is more fun done with friends!

Here are a few pictures from some combat sorties from the weekend. Combat Flights depart from Barwon Heads Airport on specific weekends in summer. For year round operations Combat Flights depart from Moorabbin Airport. Combat Flights Moorabbin are held once per month in winter, and every second weekend in summer. Combat Flights Barwon Heads are held once per month in summer only. Click HERE to find out more!

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