Air Adventures and Scenic Flights in Melbourne You Should Try

air adventure you must try

You probably don’t mind doing simple underwater adventures like scuba diving, skiing, or visiting haunted houses when it comes to adventure sports. Still, many individuals are hesitant to advance to extreme air activities. 


If you want to experience those rushes of adrenaline, losing control in the air can quench your thrilling soul and give you that heart-jumped-to-mouth sensation. Jumping off a cliff, hanging from ropes, flying in the vast and open canvas of sky, and feeling that gush of wind on your face seems like a pretty terrifying idea, but the beauty of scenic flights in Melbourne will give you a feeling like no other.

There are several luxurious Australian air tours, like bar-hopping by helicopter, big tours of the outback by private jet, aerobatic flights in Melbourne, and scenic day trips by seaplane. 


If you are looking for air adventures you can do in Melbourne, Adventure Flight Co provides a list for you. Here are some of the things you can enjoy in Melbourne: 


Air Combat Flights 

If you are looking for an adventure where you can get excited, this is it! Experience the Top Gun feeling in real life with air combat in Australia.

You don’t need to worry, for this flight is for everyone. At Adventure Flight Co, we provide air combat flights with safety and precautions. There is one pilot and one passenger per aircraft, and both fly together as a formation until the combat area. Here they split up and begin dogfighting manoeuvres that will have you grinning for days. 


Birdsville Races 

Based on an overall passenger count of 8 for our Chieftain and 6 for the Navajo, twin-engine, all-weather private charter aircraft, we can take you to Birdsville Races. 


The Birdsville Races is the justification you’ve sought to leave Victoria and travel to the red centre. It is dubbed the Melbourne Cup of the Outback and is a famous Australian weekend activity. Visit the renowned boxing ring of Fred Brophy, indulge in a beverage at the Birdsville Hotel, and of course, wager on the horses. 


You can book a private charter flight with Adventure Flight Co and travel in one of our spacious, quick planes. We can pick you up from most local airports for an extra fee, and Essendon Airport serves as the common departure point.

12 Apostles Scenic Flight 

Sky diving, often parachute jumping, is the most well-known open-sky sensation that may make your heart race and intensify the rushes in your veins. The vistas and freedom you feel while participating in this adventure are worth the risk. 


The leap (free-fall) is typically done from an aeroplane or a large structure. Your shoulders are hooked to a parachute, which helps you control speed when you land.

Skydive 12 Apostles is Australia’s most spectacular place to jump! Take off from the Great Ocean Road Airport, climb to your jump height over the magnificent Bay of Islands, Loch Ard Gorge, the Bay of Martyrs and, of course, the 12 Apostles.

Fly to Mount Hotham 

Are you planning a trip with your family or friends? Adventure Flight Co can take you on a 50-minute flight to Mount Hotham, where you can enjoy various activities. 


With a network of trails buried away amid the snow gums and a free village shuttle service that is useful for getting to the trailheads, Mount Hotham is the best location for skiing.

Book A Flight with Adventure Flight Co 

Are you and your best mates up for extreme and scenic flights in Melbourne? Experience actual combat flights with our fast combat planes and our aircraft charter in Melbourne. Adventure Flight Co allows you to have fun like champs 5,000ft above Melbourne.  


We offer exciting and thrilling activities, including but not limited to:  



If you wish to know more about our flights or book a flight with us, you can call us at 0402333896 or 0415919646 or email us at 

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