Mustang Flights Melbourne


Unfortunately as of 2008 the last Mustang flights Melbourne took place when VH-BOB had a gear door malfunction and had to land at Point Cook with the wheels up. This caused considerable damage to the 60 year old fighter plane. Sadly it is unlikely to take to the skies anytime soon – parts for these long out of production and highly sort after warbirds are hard to obtain and eye-wateringly expensive to re-manufacture.

The Mustang was the allied forces’ most versatile fighter aircraft, with the range to escort bombers deep into Germany whilst also being a worthy match for the Luftwaffe’s most potent fighter the FW190. Capable of level flight speeds over 700 km/hr the standard P-51 Mustang was an incredibly efficient design, seeing as it weighed more than the iconic Spitfire and was powered by the same V-1650 Merlin engine. The engine put out 1490hp in standard trim, and up to 1720hp at War Emergency Power.

There is a Mustang operating Adventure Flights out of Caboolture Airport near Brisbane. For $1890 you can spend 20 minutes in one of the greatest fighters ever built. Check out P-51 Joy Flights.

Whilst there is no Mustang Flights in Melbourne, you can experience real combat flight just like the P51 pilots of WW2 with Combat Flights Melbourne or Adventure Flight Co. This is real, two on two combat with highly trained pilots flying the ex Air Force CJ6 fighter trainer. The aircraft is similar to the P51 in roll rate, manoeuvrability, G-forces, cockpit layout etc, only it is configured as a two seat training aircraft so no guns!

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