Barwon Heads Airport – Things You Should Know

barwon heads airport

Barwon Heads Airport

Barwon Heads Airport is located at 1419 Barwon Heads Road, in Connewarre, Victoria Australia. It is a 5 minute drive or 15 minute bicycle ride from the seaside township of Barwon Heads.

Operators at Barwon Heads Airport include:

Private aircraft are also welcome. Prior permission is required which is simply a phone call (see ERSA entry) to let the airport know you are coming. Landing fees apply, there is an honesty box on the old flying school building.

The runway is north south and less than 800 meters total length. Aircraft with a Vref >90 knots are strongly discouraged. There is PAL lighting, hard stands and Avgas available.

For Avgas call the airport for someone to unlock the bowser. Payment can be made with VISA or MasterCard or debit card.

There is intense parachuting activity over Barwon Heads Airport and neighbouring Torquay Airport. Be sure to keep a good look out and listen on the correct frequency. The parachute aircraft are flown by professionals, they give a 5 minute to drop, 2 minute to drop and drop call as standard operating procedure. When the parachutes are in the air it is best to remain >3nm from the airfield. Once you have them sighted and are sure to remain clear you can join the circuit depending on prevailing wind.

There are several aerobatic aircraft that are based at Barwon Heads Airport. Aerobatics are conducted anywhere within 10nm so be sure to keep a good look out for those daredevils.

Whether you drive a 172 or Foxbat everyone is welcome. There are plenty of aviation enthusiasts around that are more than happy to talk angle of attack and Carson speeds, anytime.

Happy flying.

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