The 6 Benefits of Hiring an Aircraft Charter in Melbourne

private aircraft charter

Although corporate and luxury classes frequently use aircraft charter services, many people worldwide are unfamiliar with flying privately. Private aircraft charters are the best option for high-end business and leisure trips because they remove numerous time-consuming constraints.

Did you know that many flights are postponed or cancelled, causing travellers to scramble to reach their destinations? This situation makes flying with an aircraft charter in Melbourne a great option. 

The number of airports, significant or small, private or public, that you can access significantly increases when you book a cheap private charter aircraft. Also, private aircraft for hire let you choose your departure time. 

At Adventure Flight Co, we’ve put together a list of advantages of hiring a private aircraft charter the next time you plan a trip.

Promotes Privacy 

Travelling with strangers can be uncomfortable sometimes. Flight hours can be exhausting, and you need time and space to rest; however, sleeping in an uncomfortable environment is challenging. Having too little legroom and eating cuisine you don’t enjoy might make you feel excessively drained.

When you trust private planes for hire, these issues can be avoided. You can ensure that your privacy is prioritised.

You Can Choose Where to Fly 

The flexibility you’ll have in trip planning is one of the main benefits of travelling by private aircraft. Even if there are some rules to observe, you will have to coordinate your route with the charter.

Commercial aircraft have a limited range due in large part to the size of the plane and the demand for the destinations they are travelling to. Private aircrafts can land at tiny airports that can’t handle larger aircraft because they are usually smaller. Thanks to this, you have more possibilities for destinations than on a regular commercial trip.

Your options for destinations when flying privately are only constrained by the locations of the airports. 

You Can Choose What to Eat 

The menu on board your private aircraft for hire is created to satisfy your needs, whether you prefer high cuisine with champagne. If you fly first class, you might get a decent lunch; however, a commercial plane can’t provide this level of customisation, even the choice of tea. 

You Can Make Your Own Schedule 

When you fly by private aircraft, you won’t have to worry about rushing to the airport two hours before your trip! When you rent an aircraft charter for hire, you can choose the optimum departure time for you and your travelling partners.

If you are travelling with young children, having flexibility in your trip plans is especially useful. You can avoid meltdowns and challenging travel scenarios if you plan activities around your kids’ nap and bedtime schedules.

No Lengthy Stops in Between 

Do not let the flying schedules of the airlines limit you. Do you have to go between a meeting around Melbourne? You’ll be taken immediately by Adventure Flight Co. This eliminates the need for overnight airport stays and lengthy layovers between flights. 

You don’t need to run through the airport if you’re running late. The aeroplane is waiting for you this time. 

You Can Travel with a Pet Conveniently 

Long flights can be stressful for both you and your pet if you bring them along in the hold. Some commercial airlines do not allow pets on board or charge a hefty fee for their transportation. With our aircraft charter in Melbourne, your pet can travel with you and experience the same level of comfort as you.

Trust Private Aircraft for Hire from Adventure Flight Co! 

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