THE AVIATOR Anatole Mills by Julia Millard (The Weekly Review. Nov 26 – Dec 2, 2015) →

Ocean Grove pilot Anatole Mills’ Adventure Flight Co takes warbirds to local skies

It’s small, green and has wings. It’s not an insect or a bird. It’s a Nanchang CJ-6A aeroplane – a vintage aircraft capable of adrenaline-charged aerobatic manoeuvres.

The roar of the Chinese-designed warbird engine can be heard from Barwon Heads Airport, where Ocean Grove pilot Anatole Mills owns Adventure Flight Co – a company providing scenic flights, aerobatics and adventures in the air.

The Nanchang CJ-6A provides an aerobatic experience, manoeuvring upside down and sideways, performing loops and rolls. Anatole says this type of plane was used for training in communist countries. And while it looks like a World War II plane, it was actually built in the 1980s – this model was in continuous use for training purposes in countries from Albania and Zambia.

Anatole also provides combat flights involving two planes weaving and whizzing around each other complete with a smoke system. There is one pilot and one passenger per aircraft and the planes fly together as a formation until they reach the combat area where they split up and begin dogfighting manoeuvres.

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