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Avalon Airshow – Warbird Aerobatic Flights from Adventure Flight Co

Avalon airshow


Come and experience your very own airshow!

Adventure Flight Co offers rides in our very own Warbird Fighter Trainer. Experience the G forces just like the Avalon Airshow performers. We are based at Barwon Heads Airport, just on the other side of Geelong from Avalon Airshow.

Loop, roll and spin like an Avalon Airshow top gun pilot through a full airshow sequence of wing overs, aileron rolls, barrel rolls, hesitation rolls, loops, cuban eights, hammerheads and more.

Our highly experience pilots will begin with a full pre-flight breifing, talking you through all the manoeuvres to be expected on your Warbird Aerobatic Flight. We then don our flight suits (optional) and walk to the line. Spectators are welcome airside to get pictures of their Daredevil with the Warbird aircraft before getting strapped in securely with the 4-point aerobatic harnesses.

You’ll be then given a full cockpit safety brief. These Warbirds are configured exactly how they were when in the Air Force, so your cockpit is fully live and functional. Basically don’t touch anything!

How much or how little aerobatics is entirely up to you. It is not a case of ‘get in, sit down, shut up & hang on’! Our Warbird Adventure Flights are fully customisable. You can just do a victory roll and fly along the beach if you like.

After experiencing this aerobatic flight you’ll have a much greater appreciation of exactly what is going on in the cockpit of the performers at Avalon Airshow, particularly the G forces! While not being a dedicated aerobatic aircraft, the CJ6 is a solid WW2 style performer, with a similar roll rate and manoeuvrability of the Spitfire or P51 Mustang.

To book CLICK HERE or call 1300 341 006 for more information.

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How to get there

Barwon Heads Airport is only a short drive from Avalon Airshow. Simply get back on the M1 towards Geelong and keep going until you get off Surf Coast exit. On the way from Melbourne why not visit the RAAF Museum at Point Cook, it’s excellent!

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